Scheme support

Schemes are made up of one or more standards—requirements that must be met before certification is granted. Schemes can be owned and operated by public or private sector entities.

JAS-ANZ works with scheme owners all the time. We use our extensive experience to help those who aim to:

  1. start a new scheme, or
  2. have a scheme endorsed.

Schemes can take many forms and commonly have the objective of making explicit important details of product, service or personnel characteristics. Schemes are based on standards. Products, systems or persons can be certified against standards.

A scheme provides the rules and processes to be followed by those determining if a product, system or person satisfies the requirements specified in a standard. A well-designed scheme will support market transaction or delivery of public services.  Consequently, we take care in the work we do with scheme owners on the design and development of schemes.

JAS-ANZ has now implemented a minimum endorsement fee for all scheme endorsement applications.

JAS-ANZ is currently developing a set of harmonized requirements for electrical equipment certification.  The Electrical Equipment Safety Certification (EESC) Scheme is currently being developed by a Technical Committee representing Australian and New Zealand stakeholders in this sector. The new scheme is a type test scheme aimed at being a harmonized set of requirements to replace the existing 9 schemes owned by certification bodies operating in this space.

Due to the advanced stage of this initiative, JAS-ANZ will no longer be accepting scheme endorsement applications from scheme owners for existing schemes in this sector. This is effective from 8 September 2021.