Qualcon 2016

Qualcon 2016

Qualcon 2016

About AOQ

Australian Organisation for Quality (AOQ)

Australian Organisation for Quality (AOQ) is a not for profit national association formed in 1968 and today is a federation of State organisations. AOQ pioneered efforts to gain acceptance of quality within Australian industry as a pre-requisite for international competitiveness.  The primary way we achieved this was to initiate Quality Management training and education and to provide a forum for quality practitioners.

AOQ’s future is envisaged as a significant opportunity for the development of quality professionals and continues to have a great deal to offer Australia.  The need for a single national Quality voice is just as important today as it ever was. Significantly, AOQ is moving to develop a truly integrated, national structure.

About the Conference

Qualcon® – The National Quality & Business Improvement Conference

Qualcon 2016

Qualcon® is Australia’s pre-eminent national Quality conference, that have been held since 1990. We are proud to say that Qualcon® is unlike any quality or business management conference you have attended! Because Quality is universal, people from all fields can share in common and be stimulated by approaches from quite different fields. The benefit of AOQ, which has members from across all industry sectors, hosting this type of conference is its universal appeal.  The complex issues covered are applicable to all organisations, in all industries, government sectors and types of organisation.  

Qualcon® 2016 will be held 4-5 July 2016 at the Novotel Sydney Central.

The theme for Qualcon® 2016 “Innovation and Productivity  the place of quality in a time of rapid change” embraces changes to both international standards and in industry and organisations, and provides an exciting opportunity for Australasian organisations and individuals, as well as our neighbours in the Asia Pacific region, to meet and share best practices in quality, productivity and business excellence. It will bring large numbers of delegates to NSW due to the continuing reputation attracted over 180 Australian and International delegates and speakers from a wide range of industries including Defence, community, education, manufacturing, agriculture and services sectors, business excellence, software & IT professionals. We will maintain the Australian reputation for excellence at Qualcon® 2016. Visit www.qualcon.com.au/2016


The Conference theme “Innovation and Productivity - the place of quality in a time of rapid change” aims to encourage the topical national issues of Innovation and Productivity to be explored through the lens of Quality in the broadest sense. It will attract strong interest from a wide range of people and organisations. The Conference Gala Dinner will include the AOQ Juran and Shilkin Awards presentations that recognise personal achievements in Quality.

AOQ views this event as a unique opportunity to promote quality and management in the Australasia region. Qualcon® 2016 will be a forum that aims to promote sectoral leadership for these organisations and the people who work within them.


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http://qualcon.com.au/2016/programme/ and consider registering for presenting at the 3 Minute Quality Snippet.

Keynote Speakers and Presenters

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Sponsorship opportunities

Qualcon 2016 is offering Major and Minor Sponsor invenstment opportunities, please visit http://qualcon.com.au/2016/sponsors/sponsors-supporters/