Public Sector Assurance Website

Public Sector Assurance Website

We are pleased to announce the soft launch of a new Public Sector Assurance website which has been developed by the IAF CMC and ILAC MCC in close partnership with IEC, ISO, and IIOC. The site aims to showcase the various sectors and industries conformity assessment is utilised and the benefits it delivers to government and regulatory bodies. Provided are a number of case studies from all over the world that illustrate the wide use of conformity assessment, as well as supporting research materials for each sector.

Some benefits include:

  • Government can improve its own performance by the use of conformity assessment by its own departments

  • Government can help improve the performance of business by encouraging the use of conformity assessment

  • Conformity assessment can help government deliver its policies

  • Conformity assessment helps regulators regulate.

To visit the website please follow this link: For more information please contact [at] (contact us).