Our schemes

Business and innovation

JAS-ANZ accredits certifiers and inspectors in the area of business process and innovation. This includes the wide range of management schemes and requirements organisations need to perform well to meet their goals and objectives.

In the area of business process and innovation, we work with these schemes:

Asset Management Systems Scheme
Civil Contractor’s Federation Contractor Management System Scheme
DESE Information Security Systems Scheme
Information Security Management Systems Certification Scheme
Information Technology Service Management Systems Certification Scheme
New Zealand Adventure Activities Certification (NZAAC) Scheme
Quality Management Systems Scheme
Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme
Scheme for the Recognition of Bodies to Issue Certificates of Origin for Free Trade Agreements

Product certification

Product certification demonstrates that a product, process, or service meets set requirements of established international schemes.

Accreditation requirements are specified in ISO/IEC 17065 - Conformity assessment - Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services.

Owners of product certification schemes include industry associations, regulatory authorities and conformity assessment bodies. These owners can apply to JAS-ANZ for either public or private schemes.

ANZEx Certified Equipment Scheme - Australian/New Zealand Certification Scheme for Explosion-protected electrical equipment
Australian and New Zealand Electrical Equipment Safety System—Equipment Safety Rules
Australian Technical Infrastructure Committee Scheme 10
Australian/New Zealand Certification Scheme for Explosion-protected electrical equipment Part 2
CodeMark (Australia)
Telecommunications Equipment Certification Scheme (TECS)
WaterMark Certification Scheme