Codemark Certified Organisations

CSR Building Products Limited

Certificate NumberCM20196
Type of CertificationProduct Certification
Organisation NameCSR Building Products Limited
Trading NameCSR Cemintel
Suburb / CityNorth Ryde
CertificationCEMINTEL® Commercial ExpressPanel is an external walling system for residential and commercial buildings. Suitable for use on all building classes where metal top hats can be fixed either to steel stud framing, timber stud framing, or to masonry and concrete substrates. For Class 2 to Class 9 buildings, CEMINTEL® Commercial ExpressPanel walling system is suitable for only Type C Fire-Resisting Construction when fixed to timber stud framing. Scope of certification must be read in conjunction with full Certificate of Conformity for applicable BCA provisions, limitations and conditions.
Certification Standard(s)Building Code of Australia (BCA) 2019
Certification Code(s)
Date Certified27/03/2020
Certified bySAI Global Certification Services Pty Ltd Trading as SAI Global