Codemark Certified Organisations


Certificate NumberCM40198
Type of CertificationProduct Certification
Organisation NameALUCOIL, S.A.
Suburb / CityMiranda de Ebro
CertificationThe Larcore A2 honeycomb panel is a Non-combustible aluminium honeycomb-cored sandwich panel comprising of 5 layers: Layer 1: 0.5-mm to 1.0mm thick metal face Layer 2: 0.2-mm thick adhesive Layer 3: 4.6-mm to 38-mm thick honeycomb aluminium core Layer 4: 0.2-mm thick adhesive Layer 5: 0.5-mm to 1.0 thick metal skin Metal = Aluminium, Stainless Steel or Zinc
Certification Standard(s)BCA - all clauses
Certification Code(s)
Date Certified09/02/2017
Certified byCertMark International Pty Ltd