Official Assurances Program for Live Animals and Animal Germplasm (New Zealand)

Official Assurances Program for Live Animals and Animal Germplasm (New Zealand)

Most importing governments need official assurances from the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) for any live animals and germplasm being exported from New Zealand. The Official Assurance Program (OAP) gives importing governments confidence that any animal material, including live animals and germplasm (semen and embryos) from New Zealand meets the import requirements for those markets.

Before it can issue an official assurance, MPI needs to verify any claims made on the assurance. For exporting live animals and germplasm, MPI does this through:

  • overseas market access requirements
  • codes of practice, which provide guidance on recommended standards to help industry meet requirements
  • an Export Verification Program (EVP) where MPI authorises Recognised Agencies to independently verify the performance of export-approved premises (semen centres, embryo teams, and poultry hatcheries).

Applicant CABs wishing to participate in the EVP as Recognised Agencies will need to comply with MPI’s Live animal and germplasm export verification program. Applicants will need to contract with MPI and meet any other requirements as determined by MPI from time to time.

As an inspection scheme, applicants also need to comply with ISO/IEC 17020:2012 – Conformity assessment – Requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection.


  • Provides a cost-effective path that enables access for New Zealand live animals and animal germplasm exports to world markets.

Scheme owner

New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries.

More information

An application pack, application form and other relevant material is not available on this site. These documents are available through our SharePoint portal. If you are a body that we currently accredit, you can access this information through the Shared CAB Portal. If you are a new applicant, please complete an application enquiry form. Once this form is submitted, the Secretariat will contact you to advise the next steps.  For other stakeholders, please submit your inquiry through the online feedback form.

More information on the OAP and EVP is available at