New Zealand Farm Assurance Program (NZFAP)

New Zealand Farm Assurance Program (NZFAP)

The New Zealand Farm Assurance programme (NZFAP) provides confidence and certainty to the millions of consumers world-wide that the red meat produced from New Zealand’s sheep, beef and deer is authentic, genuine and safe. It includes assurances in regards to integrity, traceability, bio-security, food safety, environmental sustainability and animal health and welfare.

This is an accredited third-party certification scheme with arrangements for certification bodies providing certification in New Zealand under license agreements with NZFAI.

As this is a product scheme, audits are performed by certification bodies that are accredited to ISO/IEC 17065:2012 – Conformity assessment - Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services.


  • The scheme enables farms to demonstrate their commitment and ability to ensure the highest standards in sustainable and responsible farming practices in New Zealand.
  • It enables consumers and food industry suppliers to have confidence in the authenticity and safety of sheep, beef and deer meat supplies.
  • Enables the use of the “Taste Pure Nature” and “Cervana” logos.

Scheme Owner

New Zealand Farm Assurance Incorporated (NZFAI).

More Information

This Scheme currently operates on the basis of certification provided through only one Certification Body under a contract arrangement with NZFAI.

Applications for JAS-ANZ for accreditation to provide certification to this scheme is not openly available. More information on NZFAP is available at