Misuse of the JAS-ANZ Symbol

From time to time JAS-ANZ receives complaints from the marketplace regarding organisations that are misusing the JAS-ANZ and International Accreditation Forum (IAF) symbols.  JAS-ANZ investigates these complaints and, in instances where the misuse of the symbols is confirmed, takes action to require the organisations to withdraw this information from the marketplace.  This may include legal action where warranted.

Please find below a list of organisations that have been found to be misusing the JAS-ANZ symbol of accreditation/certification.  JAS-ANZ does not have any affiliation with these organisations, as they do not hold JAS-ANZ accreditation, nor do they hold a valid JAS-ANZ accredited certificate.

The listed organisations of which we have not met a resolution have either not acknowledged our communications regarding the misuse, or not taken appropriate action to deal with the identified misuse.  Therefore, there remains misinformation in the marketplace while further action is taken.  The incidences below where resolution was met do not necessarily mean that any other claims of accreditation or certification by that organisation are legitimate and should be approached with caution. Always be sure to use the resources available to confirm the legitimacy of these claims when considering a certificate or claim by an organisation.

Should you identify a situation where the misuse of the symbol is suspected, please use our complaints form to notify us.