Management principles

JAS-ANZ commits to good governance through these 10 management principles, under which we ensure that JAS-ANZ:
  1. is built on a system of delegations and authorities, acknowledgements and undertakings that ensures a high level of accountability
  2. is able to provide reliable assurance that it is functioning as the Governing Board and managers intend and there is a reasonable expectation that its obligations will be met
  3. has the capability and competence to meet the goals of the JAS-ANZ Treaty
  4. recognises the value of collaboration as essential to achieving the goals of the JAS-ANZ Treaty
  5. understands the range of its compliance obligations and complies with these in a principled way
  6. is committed to the highest standards of ethical behaviour, integrity and fairness
  7. is guided by financial stewardship to deliver value over profit and support a stable accreditation system
  8. manages knowledge, information and data as assets
  9. has a strong service orientation aimed at value for end-users through professional service delivery
  10. adopts an approach to strategy, planning and risk management that is systematic and comprehensive.