JFS-C Scheme

JFS-C Scheme

The Japan Food Safety Management Association (JFSM), established in January 2016, is an organization that develops and operates food safety management standards and certification schemes consistent with global standards in Japan.

JFSM developed a food safety platform for the food industry by operating food safety management standards that can be easily introduced by large and small food business operators and enterprises. The JFS-C scheme was developed for third-party certification of food safety management systems. The Scheme rules are aligned with relevant Codex Alimentarius requirements and ISO standards, and refers to ISO standards ISO/IEC 17011:2004, ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 and ISO/TS 22003:2013 to ensure consistency with international best practice.

JFS-C standard was recognized by GFSI in October 2018, and JFSM participates in international rulemaking for food safety management as a Certification Program Owner (CPO). The safety of food products supported by the third-party certification of HACCP and food safety management standards, especially to support trade and export.

JFS-C is part of the growing trend certification to support global trading of foods and food products that supports Japanese food business operators (FBOs) in promoting the level of food safety management and expanding food exports to overseas markets.

Applicant CABs will need to comply with JFS-C Certification Program Document Version. 3.0

As a management systems scheme, applicants also need to comply with ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 – Conformity Assessment – Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems, Part 1: Requirements.

The scheme incorporates new requirements to permit remote audits and this also requires applicants to comply with IAF MD4:2018 – The Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Auditing / Assessment Purposes.


  • Provides a framework for effectively managing an organisation's food safety responsibilities.
  • Demonstrates that a company has a robust food safety management system in place that meets the requirements of customers and consumers.

Scheme Owner

Japan Food Safety Management Association (JFSM).

More Information

An application pack, application form and other relevant material is not available on this site. These documents are available through our SharePoint portal. If you are a body that we currently accredit, you can access this information through the Shared CAB Portal. If you are a new applicant, please complete an application enquiry form. Once this form is submitted, the Secretariat will contact you to advise the next steps. For other stakeholders, please submit your inquiry through the online feedback form.

More information about the JFS-C scheme, including to access associated scheme documents, is available at: https://www.jfsm.or.jp/eng/scheme/documents/index.php