JAS-ANZ Public Register Upgrade

Register Screen Shot

JAS-ANZ Public Register Upgrade

JAS-ANZ has launched a new public register with improved search functionality providing a better user experience and ensuring relevant information is easily sourced. After a successful beta trial, the new and improved register is now the default interface for public access to accreditation and certification data. 


Key improvements:

- Live data within 30 minutes of processing by JAS-ANZ

- Search for certificates by scheme

- Expanded CodeMark certificate results

- Confirm accreditation certificate numbers issued to Conformity Assessment Bodies by JAS-ANZ


What's next:

- Endorsed Scheme Register: See the currently-endorsed version of public, regulatory and proprietary schemes presented on the register, with supporting information and contact details.

- Product certification: JAS-ANZ is reviewing the data that is captured and exposed for product certification to ensure that the needs of the consumer are met.
- Food sector: Multiple Schemes in the food sector require category and sub-category classification (or equivalent terms such as sector, type, or technology) associated with the scope of certification, and this level of searchability increases the value of data exposed through the register.


Visit the register here:


For additional information on the register: