JAS-ANZ Forms Alliance with QualityTrade

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JAS-ANZ Forms Alliance with QualityTrade

In the year ahead you can expect to hear more about how JAS-ANZ intends to increase value to our CABs and certified organisations. One such initiative is our recent alliance with QualityTrade, an online B2B portal that aims to connect quality conscious buyers with trusted, high quality, certified suppliers. 

Why was QualityTrade Developed?

Customer Problem:

  • It is difficult to identify high quality, compliant and trustworthy businesses to trade with online.
  • Accredited certified organisations don’t receive enough recognition or trade for holding accredited certifications.


  • Traditionally businesses online are promoted based on advertising contributions, not by their merits, which can guide buyers to poor quality, fraudulent and non-compliant businesses, resulting in poor trading outcomes.
  • There is no online marketplace dedicated to accredited certified organisations.


  • QualityTrade promotes accredited certified organisations, ordering them by their merits not by how much they pay, so the highest quality and most compliant businesses are easily identified and receive trade.
  • QualityTrade provides an exclusive B2B marketplace for accredited certified organisations which truly recognises the value of accredited certification and is focused on generating a positive ROI for certified organisations.

How does it work?

While existing B2B trading portals predominantly recruit and rank companies based on the membership fees they are willing to pay, QualityTrade implements verification and ranking processes that identifies, promotes and facilitates trade of accredited certified suppliers.

Quality is assessed by validating the credentials of a given company or product, for example:

  • endorsing management system and product certifications
  • coordinating credit checks
  • authenticating customer references
  • assessing CABs (via accredited body recommendations)
  • assessing social, environmental, work health safety and security compliance
  • any other possible measure that may be appropriate to that specific product, company or industry

What is the Benefit?

Allowing companies to pay their way to higher ranking will often result in poor quality, poor trade, dissatisfied customers, and reputational issues. These problems create a domino effect for the reputations of associated organisations such as the CABs and JAS-ANZ.

  • QualityTrade recognises the value of accredited certification
  • QualityTrade provides a legitimate marketplace for certified organisation to receive recognition, exposure and trade
  • QualityTrade connects accredited certified organisations with quality conscious buyers
  • QualityTrade provide market surveillance preventing the misuse of accredited certifications

QualityTrade is the first and only platform solely dedicated to promoting accredited certififed organisations and is the first to apply a ‘merit based’ process, meaning all suppliers are ranked by how good they are, not by how much they pay to be ranked at the top of search results.

How Does JAS-ANZ Fit Into This?

JAS-ANZ provides assistance to QualityTrade aimed at promoting the commercial benefit of certification. By supporting this, we aim to establish a direct feed from the JAS-ANZ register to QualityTrade, and in doing so give our CABs the opportunity to be promoted reputable certification bodies. This is strictly a matter of agreement for each certified organisation and any participating organisation may opt out at any time.

We know from the use of the JAS-ANZ register that it is regularly consulted by procurement organisations. QualityTrade offers a significant new channel for wider business interests to identify certification and certified organisations as offering more reliable and lower risk products and services than other business portals.

If you would like to learn more about QualityTrade or if you are a certified organisation and would like to make use of this portal please contact [at] jas-anz.org (contact us )and we will be in touch soon.