JAS-ANZ Certificate Upload Portal replacement

Screenshot of certificate upload portal

JAS-ANZ Certificate Upload Portal replacement

What are we doing?

We are replacing the Certificate Upload Portal, otherwise known as https://forms.jas-anz.org.



N.B. The displayed screenshot is from an alpha build and may not represent the final release.

Why are we doing it?

The Certificate Upload Portal is one of our older applications and relies heavily on a database synchroniser to perform its operations.
The connected synchroniser has been identified as a key failure point for the organisation and is being retired.
By replacing this application, we can remove a failure point from our infrastructure.

We also want to deliver new functions for our stakeholders.

A common request we receive is to allow CABs to declare certificates via an API connection; this will be included.

We will also be delivering some advanced reporting functions for CABs to consume.
These reports will provide de-identified insight into the shifts in the JAS-ANZ dataset using the existing set of public data.

Examples of reports include:

  • High growth schemes: Schemes that are experiencing a net increase in certificates of X% per quarter.
  • Low growth schemes: Schemes that are experiencing minimal growth or net loss in certificates of X% per quarter.
  • Schemes by countries: Expansion of above reports, focussed on a per-country basis.
  • Certificates per country or per ISIC code: Expansion or subtraction of certificates per country or per industry vertical.
  • Certificate movement between Programs: High-level overview of certificate number fluctuations at the program level.

We are rebuilding this application using the same principles that drove development of the new register; delivering scalable, modern services.

This project continues laying the foundation that began with the Public Register redevelopment earlier in the year. This foundation will support the future works outlined in the latest Statement of Corporate Intent.

It is important to note that JAS-ANZ will not be removing any existing functionality in the certificate upload portal. The ability to add mappings, perform bulk uploads and review your data will all remain in place.

When are we doing it?

This project is currently underway, having begun this financial year.

We are currently planning for a Q3 launch of the new platform.

What do you need to do?

At this point in time, nothing. Before the product is released we will circulate documentation to users.

For our CABs using file uploads via FTP, we are planning to transition seamlessly from the old application to the new, so this should require no configuration changes for you.

What happens next?

JAS-ANZ will continue to release regular communications as development progresses.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to my team via jasanzitsupport [at] jas-anz.org


Kind regards,
Judd Murray
Information Systems Manager