Implementing What You Learn

Implementing What You Learn

Implementing What You Learn

Learning is not a passive experience, and neither is what you do with your learnings after the fact. Taking what you learn and turning it into productivity, innovation or just reiteration, is going to help you retain more knowledge and continue to grow, instead of losing the learning opportunity.

It’s been noted that learners retain up to approximately 100% of information during a learning session but, their knowledge retention can quickly dwindle as low as 33% within only 24 hours, and then continue to decrease further over time at a slower but persistent rate.

The key to avoiding this loss of new knowledge is repetition and implementation – practice, practice practice.

'How can you improve your knowledge retention after a learning experience?’

Share your learning

When you back to the workplace, set up a time with your team to debrief the training and what you took away from the learning opportunity. Discuss opportunities for the team to implement the new ideas into existing processes.

Continue learning

Attending conferences, webinars, facilitated discussions and workshops can be an excellent way to maintain current and ever-growing knowledge of your learned subject matter. Networking in-person and on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn also provide a healthy stream of information which will help you gain greater perspectives and opportunities for discussion in your areas of interest. Alternatively, hop onto your favourite podcast app and see if anybody is podcasting about anything relevant to your industry or interests.

Write, reflect and review

If you have recently undertaken some learning that you would like to hang on to and implement, ensure that you have taken plenty of notes and kept any training resources that have been handed out. Take the opportunity to review any notes or resources as much as you need to over those first few critical days and weeks post-training. If you’re able to immediately apply the training to your work – even better!

Read up

If you want something more frequent or targeted, then finding the right blog or industry newsletter may be the key to maintaining your industry knowledge. Connecting new knowledge with that which you already know is a proven retention method, as you are building and growing your existing knowledge base.

Don’t lose that great learning experience you had! Put it into action straight away.


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