External relationships

JAS-ANZ has a large network of counterparts throughout the world. The nature of our work—the complex and extensive process of accreditation—demands this.

We operate as a hub and depend on our strong, external relationships to enhance our services. This involves working closely with the large number of other organisations operating in the certification and inspection sphere.

This includes the Australian and New Zealand governments, scheme owners, international accreditation organisations, as well as standards and conformance technical bodies. Through these relationships, we work closely with standards writers, laboratory accreditation bodies and legal metrology institutes to promote the value of infrastructure services and to deliver services.

The extent of our external relationships is illustrated in the following diagram:


We recognise the value of collaboration as essential to achieving the JAS-ANZ Treaty Goals of:

  1. integrity and confidence
  2. trade support
  3. linkages
  4. international acceptance.

Through these external relationships we:

  • tap into best practice in developing professional accreditation criteria and standards and benchmark what we do
  • test our work with experts through systematic peer reviews
  • test technical accuracy
  • measure whether our performance is meeting the needs of the conformity assessment bodies and certifiers and inspectors who rely on us to perform their work.