Extending the IAF MLA Scope


Extending the IAF MLA Scope

In 2014 twenty six accreditation bodies had their scope of the IAF MLA extended at the IAF/ILAC annual meeting in Vancouver, to include the Global.G.A.P Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) scheme – the first product certification scheme to be endorsed by the IAF. 

The twenty six accreditation bodies were:

AA (Austria) COFRAC (France) IPAC (Portugal) SANAS (South Africa)
ACCREDIA (Italy) DAkkS (Germany) JAS-ANZ (Australia & New Zealand) SNAS (Slovakia)
ANSI (USA) DANAK (Denmark) NA (Norway) SWEDAC (Sweden)
BELAC (Belgium) EMA (Mexico) NABCB (India) TURKAK (Turkey)
CAI (Czech Republic) ENAC (Spain) OAA (Argentina) UKAS (United Kingdom)
CGCRE (Brazil) ESYD (Greece) RvA (Netherlands)  
CNAS P.R. (China) INAB (Ireland) SAS (Switzerland)  

At the recent IAF/ILAC 2015 annual meeting in Milan, the IAF MLA Committee agreed to extend the Pacific Accreditation Cooperation’s (PAC) scope of the MLA to include Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) and Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). The eleven accreditation bodies that are signatories to the PAC MLA for FSMS and the three accreditation bodies that are signatories to the PAC ISMS MLA also had their scope extended.

These Include:


BoA (Vietnam) KAN (Indonesia)
CNAS (China) NABCB (India)
EMA (Mexico) SAC (Singapore)
JAB (Japan) SLAB (Sri Lanka)
JAS-ANZ (Australia & New Zealand) TAF (Chinese Taipei)
KAB (Korea)  


JAB (Japan)
NABCB (India)
TAF (Chinese Taipei)

These extensions allow the accreditation bodies and their accredited CABs to use the IAF MLA Mark in accordance with IAF ML2 - General principles on the use of the IAF MLA Mark once their licence agreements have been extended to include Global.G.A.P. IFA, FSMS and ISMS.

JAS-ANZ will be seeking to have our license agreement with the IAF extended to include Global.G.A.P IFA and FSMS. Once JAS-ANZ has had their license agreement extended, JAS-ANZ accredited CABs will be able to establish or extend their sub-license with JAS-ANZ for the use of the IAF MLA Mark in association with Global.G.A.P and FSMS.