Electrical Workers Registration Board – Employer Licence Scheme (EWRB - EL)

Electrical Workers Registration Board – Employer Licence Scheme (EWRB - EL)

The Employer Licence Scheme is a regulatory scheme owned by the Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB) (“the Board”).

An employer licence authorises the licence holder to authorise employees (Note 1) to do, or assist in doing, any prescribed electrical work.

Employer licences are issued by the Board upon consideration of an employer’s application as prescribed by section 115 of the Electricity Act 1992 (the “Act”).
Amongst other matters, that application requires evidence of accredited certification that the employer licence applicant or holder’s system of operation complies with specific provisions of that Act and any regulations.  Following any granting of an employer licence the holder is required to furnish annual accredited certificates of compliance to the Board.

The Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010 (ESR) requires that any employer licence must be certified by an ‘approved person’. ESR 96 defines an ‘approved person’ to be an “accredited auditor” that satisfies the Board that it is capable of certifying whether a system of operation complies with the Act.  ESR 4 defines an ‘accredited auditor’ to be a (certification) body accredited by JAS-ANZ or equivalent accredited organisation.   The Board will accept certification bodies accredited for the Employer Licence Scheme as being capable of certifying employer licence systems of operation; such bodies will be regarded as ‘approved persons’ for the purposes of ESR 96.

The Employer Licence Scheme establishes the requirements for certification bodies providing audit and certification of employer licence applicants and holders that they will at all times maintain a system of operation:

  1. that complies with the requirements that are prescribed by regulations, and
  2. that is sufficient to ensure that employees of that employer licence applicant and holders who do, or assist in doing, prescribed electrical work:
    1. are competent to carry out the range of work for which they are employed; and
    2. receive the supervision and training that is necessary to ensure that the work
      1. is carried out safely and competently, and
      2. complies with the requirements of the Act and any regulations.

The Employer Licence Scheme was developed by a JAS-ANZ Technical Committee in consideration of the regulatory requirements. The committee comprised a broad and balanced representation of significantly interested parties.

Further information on employer licencing is available on the EWRB website (www.ewrb.govt.nz).

Scheme Owner

New Zealand Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB)

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