Contractor Roles

JAS-ANZ engages contractors in a number of key roles, such as:


JAS-ANZ assessors evaluate the process which ensure the technical competence and impartiality of conformity assessment bodies (CABs), against the accreditation criteria published by the Governing Board. This embraces all the activities of the CAB, from impartiality of the Body through to the competence of its staff and the adequacy of its facilities. Evaluation also involves observation and discussions at all levels of management. Types of assessment activities undertaken by JAS-ANZ assessors includes but may not be limited to: office assessments (document reviews); site visits; witnessing; review of corrective actions.

Technical Experts

JAS-ANZ Technical Experts provide advice on specific technical issues to JAS-ANZ assessment teams, Secretariat staff and when required, Accreditation Review Board (ARB) members.  They may be required to physically attend onsite assessments operating under the direction of an approved JAS-ANZ assessor of where appropriate may provide support in their capacity as a technical advisor through other mediums, such as virtual platforms, telephone etc.  Experts may be used as assessors, if they also meet the criteria for assessors and formal approval has been granted by JAS-ANZ.

As experts are used primarily to assist with or make technical judgements in specialist areas, the principal criterion for selection is the expert's reputation for excellence and knowledge in the required field, and hence standing in that field.