Certification and Inspection help

Having goods and services certified or inspected for quality assurance and to meet specified standards gives organisations a competitive edge.

Today’s world is increasingly complex with millions of products on the market that do not provide consumers with confidence. You don’t want to be in this mix.

One way to stand out in the crowd is to be able to promote that your goods, services and personnel have been certified or inspected by a JAS-ANZ accredited body. This includes with retailers, wholesalers and individual consumers.

Standardisation and certification are now an integral part of global economy. Standards help facilitate international and domestic trade by providing a common platform for exchange of goods and services. Indeed, the last two decades have seen a phenomenal uptake of some standards. There are more than a million organisations in over 145 countries who have adopted the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard.

More than 70,000 organisations have been certified by JAS-ANZ accredited certifiers and inspectors, including not-for-profits, government service providers and private sector operations. Client organisations certified by JAS-ANZ accredited certifiers and inspectors operate in a wide range of industries and services, including construction, engineering, consulting, agriculture and medical. These organisations find certification valuable in gaining access to national, Trans-Tasman and international markets.

Despite this large volume, many thousands of certifiers and inspectors still operate around the world without accreditation by a professional body such as JAS-ANZ. There is no legal obligation to be accredited, but it sends a clear message and adds value every step of the way. It’s smart business to use a JAS-ANZ accredited certifier or inspector.