Food and biological systems

The schemes that sit under this sector underpins much of the food products exported from Australia and New Zealand.  This sector of schemes includes regulatory schemes, particularly in New Zealand, and also those recognised by key retailers in Australia, New Zealand and in overseas markets.

Official Assurances Program for Live Animals and Animal Germplasm (New Zealand)

Most importing governments need official assurances from the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) for any live animals and germplasm being exported from New Zealand. The Official Assurance Program (OAP) gives importing governments confidence that any animal material, including live animals and germplasm (semen and embryos) from New Zealand meets the import requirements for those markets.

Before it can issue an official assurance, MPI needs to verify any claims made on the assurance. For exporting live animals and germplasm, MPI does this through:

Linking Environment and Farming Marque Product Certification Scheme

LEAF Marque is an environmental assurance system recognising sustainably farmed products such as fruit and vegetables, cereals, beef and lamb, horticulture, dairy, poultry and viticulture. Produce identified with a LEAF Marque logo indicates it has been through an assurance scheme that means it has been produced by farmers whilst caring for the environment.

Independent Verification Agency Export Inspection for Plant and Plant Products

The scheme operates through the delegation of authority by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to authorised Independent Verification Agencies (IVAs) to provide certification services for exports of plant and forest products. MPI uses IVAs to provide information and services for exporters including destination country requirements, ePhyto requests and verification, phytosanitary inspection, and pest surveys.

Food Safety System Certification 22000

The FSSC 22000 certification scheme was developed and is maintained by the Board of Stakeholders of the Foundation for Food Safety Certification, based in the Netherlands. The aim of the Foundation is to provide a certification scheme which has broad acceptance, through adding value to the relationship between the certified food organizations and those around it such as the government, customers and suppliers.


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