Food and biological systems

The schemes that sit under this sector underpins much of the food products exported from Australia and New Zealand.  This sector of schemes includes regulatory schemes, particularly in New Zealand, and also those recognised by key retailers in Australia, New Zealand and in overseas markets.

UAE Halal Certification Scheme (UHCS)

The UAE Halal Certification Scheme (UHCS) was developed by Emirates Authority for Standards & Metrology (ESMA) to provide a framework for the requirements of certifiers for Halal products being imported into the UAE. The scheme is based on the certification of premises and products to the UAE.S 2055-1: HALAL products – Part one: Certification requirements, GOS 993: Animal Slaughtering Requirements according to Islamic Law and GSO9: Labelling of pre-packaged foodstuffs.

PrimeSafe Certification

PrimeSafe was established on 1 July 2003 under the Seafood Safety Act 2003 and the Meat Industry Act 1993 with responsibility for ensuring safety of food produced from red meat, poultry and seafood, including the management of pet meat and pet food, the transport of these products.


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