Food and biological systems

The schemes that sit under this sector underpins much of the food products exported from Australia and New Zealand.  This sector of schemes includes regulatory schemes, particularly in New Zealand, and also those recognised by key retailers in Australia, New Zealand and in overseas markets.

New Zealand Farm Assurance Program (NZFAP)

The New Zealand Farm Assurance programme (NZFAP) provides confidence and certainty to the millions of consumers world-wide that the red meat produced from New Zealand’s sheep, beef and deer is authentic, genuine and safe. It includes assurances in regards to integrity, traceability, bio-security, food safety, environmental sustainability and animal health and welfare.

This is an accredited third-party certification scheme with arrangements for certification bodies providing certification in New Zealand under license agreements with NZFAI.

JFS-C Scheme

The Japan Food Safety Management Association (JFSM), established in January 2016, is an organization that develops and operates food safety management standards and certification schemes consistent with global standards in Japan.


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