Benefits of certification

Quality assurance

If you value your goods and services you will want to be certified with an internationally recognised, third-party certification body accredited by JAS-ANZ.

The many benefits of this include:

  • maintaining control of your internal systems
  • getting on the path to continuous improvement
  • promoting your credentials and what you stand for
  • reducing variance keeping control of processes
  • signalling your capability to customers and partners
  • managing your improvement agenda.

Strong marketing tool to attract and/or increase business (market signal)

You can use the JAS-ANZ symbol on your marketing and promotional material, as well as on your products, if you are certified by a JAS-ANZ accredited certifier or inspector.

The symbol is a valuable asset since it instils confidence in new and existing clients by indicating you can be counted on.

Increases consumer confidence

You can distinguish what you are selling with conformity assessment since it sends a market signal that you meet a verified set of standards.

JAS-ANZ accreditation is a symbol of quality and reliability. It adds value by helping you cut through market confusion.

Proof of regulatory compliance

You can better sell your products and services to those who require proof that you are meeting mandatory regulatory requirements.


You can better manage your risks through the JAS-ANZ risk-based accreditation framework.


You can better manage safety risks through the JAS-ANZ risk-based accreditation framework, especially in the health and human services area.