Application Enquiries

If your organisation is interested in becoming accredited we require detailed information so that we can complete a pre-application review.  This information is detailed on a pre-application form. 

Please fill in the following form and submit the form.  Once this information is received and reviewed, the pre-application form will be provided in order to gather the information necessary to progress your application, and to determine if JAS-ANZ can provide the accreditation sought, based on any existing moratoriums or sanctions in place, and whether we currently provide the scheme requested.


Please include the name of the legal entity which is seeking accreditation.
Please include the name of the contact person which JAS-ANZ is to communicate with regarding your application.
Please include a valid e-mail address for the Contact Person named above.
Briefly describe the programs and schemes that you are seeking accreditation for. In the on-line application form more detail will be requested.
Please include the countries within which you are intending to offer your accredited certification.
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