4-Week vs. Accelerate - Which program is right for you?

4-Week vs. Accelerate - Which program is right for you?

The JAS-ANZ Accelerate Training Academy offers two formats for undertaking program-level training – a 4-week program and a 3-day ‘Accelerate’ program. Both programs provide online learning resources, learner workbooks, and facilitated sessions with our experienced trainers.

The following video provides more information about how you can undertake training on the JAS-ANZ Accelerate Training Academy.

What do the programs include?

Both programs include facilitated sessions with one of our experienced trainers. You will also receive:

  • Online course modules
  • Downloadable participant workbooks
  • Downloadable case studies
  • Live webinars with an experienced facilitator, and
  • Online knowledge assessments.

What is the key difference between the two programs?

Our programs are designed to provide learners with the same overall learning outcomes, regardless of which program they choose to undertake.

Both programs leverage the use of case studies, group discussion activities, online knowledge assessments, and downloadable participant workbooks. A summary of the program differences is available as follows.

4-Week Program

Learn at your own pace.

By undertaking the 4-Week Program learners will attend weekly 2-hour webinars led by one of our experienced facilitators. This allows learners to undertake the online learning component of the course at their own pace, by allowing a full week between webinars to review the course modules and complete any knowledge assessment activities. This program is ideal for those who are short on time and cannot commit to traditional, full-day training sessions. This program requires a commitment of approximately 10 hours per week, including the 2-hour webinar once a week.

Accelerate Program

Accelerate your learning.

The 3-day ‘Accelerate’ Program provides an intensive learning experience. Learners who choose to undertake this program will be required to attend three full days of facilitated learning, either in a virtual classroom or face-to-face (when available). This program is ideal for those who wish to ‘accelerate’ their learning by undertaking the course in a shorter timeframe.

More information about our program-level training and upcoming course dates can be found via the links below.

If you would like to enquire about group bookings, payment via invoice, or a general training enquiry, please reach out to us via our Service Desk.