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HS Part 3 - Disability Employment and Enterprise Services (DEES) Scheme

The Australian Government Department of Social Services (formerly the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs) and JAS-ANZ jointly introduced the first Disability Employment Services (DES) Scheme in November 2001 as a means of ensuring that providers of disability employment services developed management systems designed to improve the quality of services and achieve better outcomes for people with disabilities.

The 4th issue of the DES Scheme was published as the Disability Employment and Enterprise Services (DEES) Scheme.  This scheme was developed in conjunction with human services schemes operating in other jurisdictions.  This provided an opportunity to standardise the requirements to the greatest extent possible to gain audit efficiencies.

The DEES Scheme consisting of two parts:

  • Human Services Scheme Part 1, Common requirements for bodies certifying Human Services
  • DEES Scheme (HS Scheme Part 3), Additional requirements for bodies certifying Disability Employment and Enterprise Services.

Changes to the Scheme

The previous version of the DEES Scheme introduced the transition requirements for the new National Standards for Disability Services (NSDS). The current version of the DEES Scheme dated 14 March 2014 has been revised slightly with the most significant changes being:

Transition arrangements

  • Services that elect to be audited to the DSS, up until 31 December 14, must still be able to demonstrate their planning for the implementation of the new standards (NSDS) and be discussing those plans with their Certification Body.  Certification Bodies shall document the service provider’s transition plans in their audit reports.
    • Services that are scheduled for a surveillance audit and opt to be audited against the NSDS, may be audited against NSDS 1, 3, 4 and 6, and if found to comply, certified to the NSDS.
    • From 1 January 2015, all DEES providers shall be audited to the NSDS.  All DSS certifications shall expire or be withdrawn by no later than 1 January 2016.

Terms and definitions

  • Indicators of Practice in the National Standards for Disability Services
  • The NSDS indicators of practice are intended to provide descriptive guidance and are not to be treated as prescriptive requirements.

Certification decision

    • A decision to grant certification to the NSDS can be made based on a progressive transition from the DSS to the NSDS, for example, with the scope of the NSDS covered over two consecutive surveillance activities.

The NSDS is freely available from the Department of Social Services website.

The following provides links to the accreditation criteria, accreditation application pack documentation, subsequent part information, and other related documents. All policies and procedures are un-controlled when printed. Please read all appropriate accreditation criteria and when ready provide a completed application (with signatures, appropriate application fee, and documentation set) for review.

Accreditation Criteria

As prescribed for the Human Services Scheme (HS Scheme Part 1) – Common requirements for bodies certifying Human Services


No additional Policies.

Application Documents

As prescribed for the Human Services Scheme (HS Scheme Part 1) – Common requirements for bodies certifying Human Services

Advisory Notes

There are no current advisory notes.

Other information

This page is written for certification bodies interested in gaining accreditation for the certification of organisations providing Disability Employment and Enterprise Services (DEES).

Organisations providing Human Services should contact an accredited DEES certification body to enquire about certification.  A list of accredited DEES (or DES) certification bodies can be obtained from the JAS-ANZ Register.

If you require further information please contact us.