Applying for JAS-ANZ Accreditation

How Certification and Inspection Bodies apply for JAS-ANZ accreditation. Read more...

Import Requirements

How do I find out if a product needs to be certified before being imported and offered for sale? Read more...

Certification Check

How can I see if an organisation is certified to a particular standard? Read More...

Getting Certified

How do I go about getting a product or organisation certified? Read More...

Certified Organisations

Can't find the certification you are looking for?

The Certified Organisation Search provides information on organisations which have been independently certified by JAS-ANZ Accredited Bodies.  These include:

  • Management Systems certifications (such as QMS, EMS and OH&S),
  • Product certifications for a range of national and industry product standards, and
  • Greenhouse Gases Validation and Verification certifications.

The Certified Organisation search currently provides location information for the primary office (that is, the headquarters) of each certified organisation.  If you require further location information on any of the certified organisations listed, please contact the Accredited Body that provided the certification services to that organisation.

Please Note:

If the organisation that you are seeking is not found in the Certified Organisation search, this could be due to a number of reasons, including the following:

  • No valid certification has been issued by a JAS-ANZ Accredited Body for that organisation.
  • The Name, City or Scope of Certification for that organisation may be spelled differently from the text that you are searching for.  Try using partial words in your search, for example, "manu" to find organisations with either "manufacturing" or "manufacture" in their names.
  • Other search criteria that you are using, such as Country or Standard, may differ from the information that is stored for that certified organisation.  Try reducing the number of search fields used to see if the organisation that you are seeking appears in the larger set of search results.

If the certified organisation that you are seeking still does not appear in the Certified Organisation search, you should contact the Accredited Body who issued the certificate to confirm its validity.


JAS-ANZ provides the certified organisation search as a public service, using the certified organisation information as submitted by Accredited Bodies, JAS-ANZ advises on the format to use for this information, but the content provided is solely the responsibility of the Accredited Bodies.  As such, JAS-ANZ accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or integrity of the data relating to certified organisations, or its use.

Any queries regarding the data in the Certified Organisation search should be directed to the Accredited Body that provided the certification services to the organisation concerned.